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Saint Thomas Popular in the Caribbean Island Tourism, Saint Thomas is one of three islands in the United States have in the Caribbean. Other islands are Saint John and Saint Croix.
This small island is a tourist destination that can be said the most popular in the Caribbean. How not, every day can be visited several cruise ships.
The island has a dock or pier pasilitas for cruise ships a variety of classes. From the bertonase moderate to most large cruise ships like Royal Caribbean Oasis of the company's International.
The appeal of an island in the 1800s as the sugar cane is the beauty of the island and various tourist attractions and shopping paradise for tourists. The prices of goods here is usually already include tax. But it still does not compete with the U.S. Mainland.
Sandwiched between the Caribbean Sea Island in the South and the North Atlantic Ocean has a population of approximately 50.000 inhabitants. The main destinations of all tourist attractions is its capital named Charlotte Amalie. Here is a row of shops where visitors can get the low prices of branded goods in the form of jewelry and electronics.
Last week the author visit for the umpteenth time to complete the island called Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. The island was bought by United in 1917 from the Danish colonial.
Including two other islands St.John and St.Croix. Worth 25 million dollars. The purpose of the purchase of these islands is to maintain control in the Caribbean Sea and the Panama Canal during the first world war.
The end of the war has brought this island transition from sugarcane and sugar producing a regional excursions.
The beauty of the island beaches put this into the busiest cruise ship destination in the Caribbean. Particularly in the West Indies. The beach is the famous Magens Bay, with white sand and the water is calm and clear.
Of course, warm all year round because of the existence of this island at the equator.Besides it is also the best destination for diving, sailing and fishing.
Due to the increasing commercialization and no skill equilibrium population in the town of Charlotte Amalie mainly cause of crime is also rife in this area. So often dubbed the 'unvirgin' (at least the original) of the Virgin Islands. The city is very beautiful in the view from the top of the hill leading to the Magen Magen Bay or the Gulf. [Vo]

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